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3M™ Laptop Computer Stand, Portable LX550

SKU FT510095902 / LX550
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Features and Benefits:
  • Laptop stand for raising and tilting your laptop, supporting it on your desk
  • Helps free up desk space, enabling your laptop to function as a monitor
  • Compatible with most docking stations, quick and easy to dock and undock
  • Perfect for using with an auxiliary keyboard and mouse
  • Fully height adjustable
  • Stand size: 21.5cm wide x 25.4cm deep x 24.1cm high
Are you sitting comfortably? When you spend time sitting at a desk, it is important to have the correct posture and support, for comfort and prevention of pain. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is often caused by a work station that has been set up incorrectly or by inferior equipment.

If your screen is at the wrong height, you could strain your back or neck and you may even be less productive.

You can help prevent RSI and enhance your productivity with the use of ergonomic solutions from 3M. The 3M™ LX550 Laptop Computer Stand raises your laptop to a height and distance that encourages an ergonomically correct posture - helping to prevent eyestrain as well as the aches and pains that can result from long periods at your desk.

With its professional, practical design, you can adjust the height by up to 75 mm, until you have the perfect level for a comfortable posture. Once adjusted, you have the option of attaching an auxiliary keyboard and mouse to your laptop, so that your laptop can be viewed and used like a monitor - a versatile alternative to a traditional desktop computer.

This non-slip Laptop Computer Stand is also compatible for use with most docking stations, for quick and easy connectivity, and incorporates cable management to keep cords and cables organized. This Laptop Computer Stand is 21.5 centimetres wide by 24.5 centimetres deep, with a height of 24.1 centimetres. It is lightweight and portable, allowing for quick and convenient hot-desking.

For optimum personal comfort and to avoid eyestrain, use it to position your screen directly in front of your eyes, at or below eye level, at a comfortable viewing distance of 50-75 centimetres. To reduce aches and tension in the neck, back and shoulders, your head should be centred over your torso and upright - not bent or turned. Now you're sitting comfortably, you can begin!