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Clean-Trace™ Surface Protein (Allergen) Test, 60 Swabs Pack

SKU GH620535282 / 552149
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Warning! Intended for appropriately trained professional/trade users only with awareness of hazard and safety procedures.
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Features and Benefits:
  • A high sensitivity protein test which can detect protein residues as low as 3μg.
  • Rapid test - it takes just seconds to perform and results are available in 15 minutes (using the clean-trace heater block - also sold on 3M direct.)
  • Easy to use - can be performed with minimal training.
  • Simple - visual reading of colour change and interpretation of results.
  • Validated for a range of allergenic proteins, including egg, milk, gluten, soy and peanut.
  • 60 swabs per case.
Incorporating an environmental allergen screen test into a HACCP programme has never been so easy with the Clean-Trace Surface Protein (Allergen) test.This self-contained allergen test is designed to detect protein residues to a level as low as 3μg on environmental surfaces. These residues may remain on a surface that has been insufficiently cleaned and may be allergenic in Nature. Simply swab the surface, click down the handle fully into the tube and shake for 5 seconds. Place the swab into the Clean-Trace heater block for 15 minutes. Remove the swab, the results are visual and easy to interpret: a) If it's green there are no proteins that may be allergenic in nature detected. b) If it turns grey or purple it indicates that contamination remains on the surface and so may represent an allergenic cross contamination risk. Re-cleaning and re-testing would therefore be necessary.

Please click here for the Material Safety Data Sheet