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3M™ SkyRestore by Elixair 1 Litre Bottle

SKU GT600020306 / 307-1
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Warning! Intended for appropriately trained professional/trade users only with awareness of hazard and safety procedures.
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Features and Benefits:
  • 1 litre bottle
  • Thixotropic formulation suitable for overhead and vertical applications
  • Softens cured polysulfide sealant for removal within 30 minutes (exact time is determined by type and thickness of sealant)
  • For best results use a 3M skyscraper by elixair to remove the softened sealant from the surface and wipe the surface clean using 3M skywipes or 3M skysolv wipes by elixair.
  • Sold as : 1 bottle
  • Elixair, skyscraper & skywipes are registered trademarks of elixair international ltd. ©
3M SkyRestore by Elixair is an innovative solution for the quick removal of fully cured sealants. SkyRestore can be applied to quickly soften sealant from most parts of the aircraft including aircraft structures, duel systems, nacelles, landing gear and joints for easy removal with a SkyScraper™ and SkyWipes™ surface cleaner. The integrated sealant removal system provides speedy results when compared with alternative, traditional cured-sealant removal methods. It is effective on Polysulphide, Polythioether, and most Silicones and RTV sealants. It is also suitable for use on most common surfaces found in the Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance sectors.