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3M™ SGLP2 Reverse Osmosis Scale Removing Filter System

SKU 70020301316 / 563745
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Warning! Intended for appropriately trained professional/trade users only with awareness of hazard and safety procedures.
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Features and Benefits:
  • Save on energy & maintenance costs
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Better visual appearance of beverages
  • Consistent standardised product quality
  • Consistent flavour
  • Delighted customers
  • Supplies up to 600 litres per day of scale free water to critical applications such as steamer ovens and coffee machines
  • 'dial in' your desired water hardness so you create the perfect cup of coffee!
  • Protect Your Catering Equipment From Scale Related Break Downs
  • Low running costs as it is run off the water mains, not electricity!

Problems with hard water? Scale damaging your equipment?

With 3M SGLP2-BL Reverse Osmosis Systems you can save money, protect your catering equipment and brew the perfect cup of coffee, every time!

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective filtration of water and can actually be used to remove practically all of the minerals from water. As it is removing calcium and magnesium from water it is a scale reduction treatment for scale.

A full installation service is available.

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