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3M™ 2.5 gallon (10 litre) additional storage tank for SGLP2 RO System

SKU 70020017995 / 591712
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Warning! Intended for appropriately trained professional/trade users only with awareness of hazard and safety procedures.
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Features and Benefits:
  • Extra 2.5 gallon pressure tank
  • Delivers RO water to multiple pieces of equipment

The ScaleGard LP2-BL Dual Port Reverse Osmosis System from 3M purifies mains water using a proven filtration technique that delivers consistent lifetime performance. As a non-electric system, with filtration driven by incoming water pressure, the system delivers high reliability with low ownership costs and immunity to power outage.

The unit provides mineral-free water supply for direct use in flash steamers, which prevents limescale build-up and thereby enhances energy efficiency while minimising equipment downtime and servicing costs. For coffee making, the ScaleGard L2P-BL Dual Port Reverse Osmosis System provides a second RO-filtered supply, which is recombined with a controlled quantity of mains water to maintain a consistent mineral composition. This source of Recipe Quality Water is then passed through a 3M cyst-rated filter to deliver tailored quality softened, particle-free water as the starting point for great-tasting coffee.

At filter end of life, the RO membrane and carbon cartridges can each be replaced easily, taking advantage of 3M’s quick-change cartridge system. The equipment owner’s in-house staff can replace either cartridge, with no spill and no mess, which saves the cost of service calls and helps to boost productivity.

In daily use, the ScaleGard LP2-BL Dual Port Reverse Osmosis System also contributes to reducing water consumption, delivering savings in both supply and waste water costs as compared to traditional RO systems.